Taunton Youth Soccer 2019 Events



Key Dates

Developmental Academy League (DAL) 2019

Ideal Players: Players looking to be introduced to soccer

Age: Players born in 2012, 2013, & 2014.

POC: Stephan Nadeau

Location: MYRICKS on Saturday mornings from 10 am-12 pm. 

Registration Deadline: April 2019

Description: This program focuses on developing core skills such as ball handling and passing. This is a fun environment for children to learn and begin to develop that love for soccer.

Session Dates: ~27 April - June
Cost: $75.00

Navigators 2019/2020 Tryouts 

Ideal Players: Players looking to play within a more competitive environment.

Age: 2004 – 2012

POC: Danny Borges

Location: TBD

Registration Deadline: May 31 2019  

Description: This is to sign up and receive updates as the tryout location and times are finalized. 

Session Dates: Fall 2019, Summer 2020

Cost: Free

Summer Clinics 2019 

Ideal Players: Players looking to refresh skills and prepare for Fall

Age: 2004 – 2012

POC: Stephan Nadeau

Location: MYRICKS

Registration Deadline: June 2019

Description: This will a similar format as the Winter Clinic and focus on skills immediately followed by game training. The clinic will be 7 weeks long and is expected to be 90 minutes in length. Girls will likely be on Mondays and boys on Tuesdays. 

Session Dates: ~17 June - ~29 July
Cost: $85.00

TYS Ravens Soccer Academy

Ideal Players: Players looking for more Soccer

Age: 2005 – 2014

POC: Stephan Nadeau

Location: MYRICKS

Registration Deadline: 08 July 2019

Description: Coached by Ruben Resendes, Head Coach for Franklin Pierce University. The Academy is focused on providing players of all ages and ability the opportunity to learn the fundamental techniques, concepts, and ideas of the game of soccer in a competitive, positive, and FUN environment.  Free T-Shirt included.  

Session Dates: July - 12 July 

Cost: $195.00 ($180 is registered by 30 April)



Fall League

Ideal Players: Players looking to play and grow as soccer players

Age: 2005 – 2015

POC: Stephan Nadeau

Location: MYRICKS

Registration Deadline: August 2019

Description: Environment where players can develop their skills and play within a relaxed recreational environment. As in previous years, we intend to have a North and South league in addition to All Star Games in Late September and Mid October.  

Session Dates: 7 Sept - Nov

Cost: $130.00

Player Registration link (If you never registered before):



EZ Registration Link (If you already played Fall before): 




Fall Travel League

Ideal Players: Players looking for a more competitive environment but not yet ready for club.

Age: 2004 - 2011

POC: Stephan Nadeau

Location: MYRICKS

Registration Deadline: August 2019

Description: Competitive environment tailored for players looking to expand beyond traditional game play and develop strategic team play.  

Session Dates: 7 Sept - Nov

Cost: $TBD  

Winter Clinic 2020

Ideal Players: Any Player looking to refine skills or prepare for Spring Soccer.

Age: 2004 - 2014

POC: Stephan Nadeau

Location: MYRICKS

Registration Deadline: January 2020

Description: 6-week session open to all TYSL players and taught by Navigators Head Coach, Danny Borges.

Session Dates: ~8 Jan - 14 Feb

Cost: $75.00 

Spring Soccer 2020

Ideal Players:

Age: 2004 - 2013

POC: Tom Parker

Location: MYRICKS

Registration Deadline: January 2020

Description: Travel Soccer available to players that are engaged in the Fall. Registration for interested players will now be available all year round. If interested in signing up, click here.

Session Dates:

Cost: ~$200.00

Practice: 21 Feb 2020 - March

Games: March - June 2020 


Taunton Youth Soccer League (T.Y.S.L.) and the New England (N.E.) Navigators have developed an initial plan for helping children receive the best possible soccer experience. 


The new joint program offers a number of things not available at other clubs:

  • Community Environment to Play and Learn Together
  • Support and Training from Professionals in the Game  
  • Opportunities to play Club and still play with close friends that just want to have fun
  • Pragmatic, cost sensitive approach

For more information about our upcoming programs, click here:

More about the types of experiences:

Club Level Soccer – this is for the player that is looking for and needs a higher level of player development, with a professional level of licensed coaching staff. The competition level is more challenging and requires a more dedicated approach to training and games. Club level soccer teams compete on a statewide level and compete to qualify for Regional and National Championships. The travel will usually vary from 20 minutes to an hour. Although costs for many Club programs can be quite high, thru the partnership with T.Y.S.L. and Navigators the cost is greatly reduced. Club soccer requires a commitment of both Fall and Spring play, and offers an optional winter program.

Spring Town Travel – this is for the player who excels in Fall Rec. and is looking for a more competitive environment against other towns in the South Coast area. The commitment level and expectations are more than you find in the Rec. program but remain reasonably flexible, with travel ranging from as close as the surrounding towns of Norton and Dighton, to as far away as Cape Cod and the Islands.

Fall Recreation Program – this is open to all levels of players from beginners, to more advanced  players just looking to have fun with friends and classmates in a city wide competition. All games are played in Taunton. Players compete for the City championship, but the commitment and expectations are much more relaxed and are geared towards friendly competition among peers.

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Important Dates

January                          Winter Clinic Begins
February                   Winter Training Spring Teams
April                               Fall 2019 Registration Opens



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