TYSL Code of Conduct

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While attending a Taunton youth Soccer League (TYSL) function of any kind, proper and respectful conduct is expected of all TYSL members, including but not limited to, players, coaches, and spectators.  Any infraction of this rule shall be subject to disciplinary action per the Disciplinary Action section of this document.

Zero Tolerance for harassment of referees Taunton Youth Soccer League has adopted a “Zero-tolerance” policy towards harassing referees.  We believe that this will:


-Ensure a positive and safe environment for referees, coaches, players and spectators.

-Encourage our valuable referees to continue with TYSL, growing in experience and skill – provide a proper example to our players.


The following is taken directly from the Constitution of South Coast Soccer League and is adopted in full by Taunton Youth Soccer League:


All persons responsible for a team and all the spectators shall support the referee.  Failure to do so will undermine the referee’s authority and has the potential of creating a hostile environment for players, the referee and all the other participants and spectators.


No one is to address the referee during the game except as allowed below




During the game:


May respond to a referee initiating a communication

May ask for substitutions

May point out emergencies or safety issues at halftime or at the end of the game.

May ask a referee to explain a rule(s) in a polite and constructive way

May give a polite and friendly feedback to the referee.  Absolutely no sarcasm, harassment, or intimidation is allowed in any conversation with the referee




1st Minor Infraction -              The referee should ignore

1st Serious Infraction -           Caution or ejection depending on the seriousness

of the infraction

(FIFA) 2nd Minor Infraction -   A verbal warning

3rd Infraction -                         Caution

4th Infraction -                         Ejection





During the game:


May respond to a referee initiating a communication

May point out emergencies or safety issues




1st Infraction                           Referee should stop the game and ask the coach to

                                                Quiet the offending spectator

2nd Infraction                          A verbal warning.  Referee should stop the game

and ask the coach warn the spectator that the next

infraction will be an ejection or the referee will

abandon the game.

3rd Infraction                           The referee shall instruct the coach to direct the

spectator to leave the field.  The referee should

abandon the game if the spectator refuses to leave

the field.  If the referee abandons the game, the

referee shall file a report and the TYSL may impose

a forfeit on the spectator’s team.