TYSL Fall/Spring Travel Rules and Regulations 

Regulations Objective

It is the objective of TYSL to teach Taunton community youth all aspects of the sport of soccer with special emphasis on good sportsmanship and teamwork.


TYSL currently has membership in the South Coast Soccer League for Spring and Fall travel; therefore, TYSL Spring Travel Rules and Regulations are in accordance with the South Coast Soccer League (SCSL).

Code of Conduct

Kind, proper and respectful conduct is expected of all TYSL members, including but not limited to, players, coaches, and spectators. Any infraction of this rule shall be subject to disciplinary action. For more details, view the general TYSL Code of Conduct requirement applicable to both Fall and Spring programs.

Spring/Fall Travel Eligibility

Eligibility for Fall/Spring Travel requires that the player must adhere to criteria set forth by the League in which TYSL has membership during that Fall/Spring season. Currently, this is the South Coast Soccer League. Players wanting to play Spring Soccer will be chosen via mandatory try-outs conducted by TYSL officers and respective coaches for each age group. The criteria for such try-outs will be the responsibility of the Board of Directors and Spring Director with input from the respective coaches of each group.

Spring/Fall Travel Waiver Constraints

A Player Waiver may be granted to allow play on a team for another town for a current Fall/Spring Season. Such a waiver is granted only to a currently registered TYSL player and its duration is for one (1) single Fall/Spring Season. The player requesting a waiver must adhere to one of the following conditions:

        1. The player was not selected onto a TYSL Fall/Spring team after attending the mandatory tryouts; or 
        2. TYSL has no team for the player's age group