Taunton Youth Soccer League

Adult Registration and CORI Registration

Ensuring the safety of each child participating in our program it is of the utmost importance; the CORI background check process is a critical component. In order to be involved with the league every coach and volunteer must have a valid CORI background check performed via the Taunton Youth Soccer League. CORI checks performed through the school or other organizations do not apply to the TYSL. Our CORI checks are facilitated through the Mass Youth Soccer program.

Click here for more information from Mass Youth Soccer regrading the new Adult Registration and CORI Registration.

Please read the Adult Registration & CORI Registration FAQs to properly understand the process of the Adult Registration and CORI submission.

  • Step 1: Please read the FAQ prior to registering.
  • Step 2: Adult Registration will need to be done every year.
  • Step 3: CORI Submission Email will need to be done every 3 years, with some exceptions.
  • Step 4: CORI Agreement Form (please read FAQ #16).

The TYSL Registrar, registrar@tysl.us, will need to verify the information on the CORI form using your driver’s license or a government issued ID. You both will sign the form and the CORI Submitter will keep the original form in a secure location until an online verification filing has been completed. The TYSL Registrar will work with Massachusetts Youth Soccer to ensure you successfully submitted the information.

If you have any questions regarding the adult registration and CORI procedure, contact the TYSL Registrar at registrar@tysl.us.